Vertimart is based in Kwadijk and Heemstede and employs a staff of approximately 60. Roughly 3,000 oral care practices and 200 dental laboratories use Vertimart’s practice software. Oral care providers use Exquise and the Qbridge dental laboratories. Vertimart offers both an on-premise version of the software (Exquise Classic) and a new cloud-based solution: Exquise Next Generation.

In 1990, Vertimart became the first company to develop a software package for dental practices: Exquise. Now, more than 30 years later, they are still leading the way, combining practical experience with the latest technology. For customers, this means greater ease of use, better data security and lower costs.

Incidentally, this customer base is no longer limited to dental practices. Vertimart supports the entire dental sector, from dental hygienists to dental laboratories, with a wide range of IT solutions. Not one-size-fits-all, but customised solutions that closely match customers’ needs.

Vertimart’s goal is to take as much work out of the hands of everyone working in the dental industry as possible. So that they keep their capable hands free for optimal care, resulting in a radiant smile on their patients’ faces.

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