Introduction to MSPS Group B.V.

MSPS Group B.V. is part of HAL Investments. MSPS stands for Medical Software & Processing Services. MSPS Group includes various companies that are jointly committed to making a difference in healthcare, to ensure it functions optimally and, above all, to keep it human. The companies specialize in processing services, such as factoring and clearing of healthcare claims (Infomedics and Clearing House Apotheken) and practice software (Vertimart, GSN and Flexdata). Thousands of healthcare providers in oral care, paramedical, pharmacy, specialist medical care, mental health care and medical aids benefit every day from the boundless energy and solution-orientedness of more than 400 MSPS people. This gives them back valuable time for the care of their patients.

Our mission
Making a difference in healthcare: that is our goal. To keep it functioning optimally and, above all, to keep it human.

All of the companies within MSPS are committed to optimising practices of primary care providers in the Netherlands. Together, we handle the entire chain, from treatment to claim collection. With the aim of achieving maximum efficiency for healthcare providers, healthcare consumers and health insurers.

How do we achieve that? Among other things, by achieving seamless integration of claims and practice software. Based on the first-time-right principle, we want to further fine-tune the entire claims process.

Infomedics, Clearing House Apothekers, Vertimart, Gé Systems Nederland (including W3Apps Online) and Flexdata are all part of MSPS Group B.V.

Infomedics is based in Almere and employs nearly 300 people. Infomedics wants to take the administrative pressure off healthcare providers as much as possible so they can focus fully on the patient. Claims processing and factoring: that’s what Infomedics excels at.
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Clearing House Apothekers
CHA is based in The Hague with a staff of approximately 25. CHA provides an efficient claims process for pharmacists. They offer support through three different processes, making handling claiming even easier and providing maximum administrative support.
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Vertimart is based in Kwadijk and Heemstede and employs a staff of approximately 60. Roughly 3,000 oral care practices and 200 dental laboratories use Vertimart’s practice software.
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Gé Systems Nederland B.V.
GSN (which also includes W3Apps Online) is based in Zaandam and employs a staff of approximately 20. About 800 oral care practices use GSN’s practice software. Most clients use Simplex and especially for dental hygienists, there is Simplex-M.
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Flexdata is based in Dordrecht with a staff of approximately 15. At Flexdata, they are ready every day to provide the best possible support to various practices. They serve approximately 200 customers.
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