Infomedics cares for you and your patient

Infomedics is based in Almere and employs nearly 300 people. Infomedics wants to take the administrative pressure off healthcare providers as much as possible so they can focus fully on the patient. Claims processing and factoring: that’s what Infomedics excels at. By taking the entire claim processing out of your hands, we save healthcare providers both time and money! They receive a timely payment and can transfer the risk to Infomedics if they wish.

Infomedics has a rich history from which a strong brand has emerged. As a partner of healthcare providers across the Netherlands, they have been there for their customers and their customer’s customers for 35 years. To provide support with factoring and clearing solutions and additional services, so that valuable time can be spent on care. With a sharp, flexible, honest, no-nonsense attitude, they create solutions that have an impact on the healthcare system used by everyone in the Netherlands. This means they are there for their customers and their customer’s customers. Building a better, future-proof healthcare system together. Care for each other! ​

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